118 Lives Changed


For the whole month of February we were given the gift of working alongside C- Squad from The World Race. The World Race, a ministry of Adventures in Missions; an 11-month mission trip that takes you to 11 countries in 11 months around the world.

Each squad is comprised of smaller teams. They start their journey together through training camp, travel to the different countries together before they are divided into their smaller teams and team up with missionaries and host organizations all over the world. Throughout their 11-month journey there is at least one of the months which is “all-squad month,” where all the teams are together for the whole month of ministry.

Where, VN has hosted many teams before, this was our first time where we had a whole squad together. 35 wonderful people in total!


We were continually encouraged at the ways we saw Jesus in them. Their willingness to do ANYTHING that was put in front of them and they did so with love for each other and those they served.

The majority of ministry this month (February) started with our mornings separating into two teams where our days were packed with anything from medical clinics, kids activities, door-to-door evangelism, Bible studies, praying, visiting schools, etc. The opportunities Jesus gave us to be an extension of his love and goodness were endless.

It is always encouraging when we are able to see the fruit of ministry. Although that is not promised, what we are promised is that “it is so with [his] word, it goes out and it doesn’t return void” (Isaiah 55:11). We are so beyond excited to share with you all that JESUS is moving mightily in Nicaragua and we saw so much fruit this month as….

118 people responded to the Gospel messaged and we celebrated alongside of each of these new believers!!!



Also, thanks to the efforts of the World Race squad, each one of these new believers have their very own copy of the Bible!  (Read more here: Bibles for Nicaragua)

Thank you for your prayers and your partnership in sharing the Gospel to the nations!

-VN Family

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