Alexander and His Big Prayer!


Alexander and His Big Prayer…

We LOVE to share stories from the field with you all! We couldn’t hold this one in…here’s a story of God’s faithfulness!

Meet Alexander!

Over the past two years, we have been blessed through supporters to be able to build homes in the annex of Bethel. From the first home we started, Alexander was there. Overseeing the construction and watching every move that was being made. From start to finish, he was there.

He started to tug on the shirt of Mario (VN’s Project Manager) and began to ask“do you think I will have a home one day?”

Mario, looked him in the eye and told him “Jesus can do anything. Just ask him to help you! He knows our needs.”

So, he did. Alexander began praying and continued to follow the construction from house to house. Continually asking Mario. “do you think I’ll have a home one day?”

This past December we were praying for the Lord to show us where the greatest need was as we were notified we were going to be able to build another home.

We have many families that are in need, but one woman kept coming to mind. Her name is Maria. She is a young woman with three boys. Their home was held together by plastic, tin and pieces of wood. After praying we felt certain that this is where the Lord was leading.

When we went to her home to share the good news. There was a little boy who saw us coming and ran and told his Mom. Yep, you guessed it! It was Alexander!

We didn’t know until that day the connection that Alexander was Maria’s son!

There we were sitting in their front yard and we said “Alexander, is there something that you’ve been asking Jesus for?” A smile came across his face and very timidly he said “Yes. I’ve been praying for a home for my family.”

We shared with him that Jesus heard his prayer and provided his needs. His family was going to have a new home!

He was beyond excited! The whole family stopped right there, we prayed together and thanked the Lord for hearing our prayers and meeting our needs!

Needless to say, Alexander ran to Mario and gave him a giant hug!

We serve such a good God!

We hope this encourages you today, that no matter where you are, what your circumstance you’re facing…Jesus sees you and he hears you when you call on him!

-VN Family

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