April-Team Spends Easter Week in Nicaragua


Saturday April 3rd What a glorious way to spend our Easter Holiday’s and spring break!!    Our team of 15 persons from Mountain View Church are enjoying our time.  We left early Saturday morning, traveled in style to Atlanta, then hopped the plane to Nicaragua.  We arrived in Managua Saturday evening and hit the ground running. 

April Team

Richard and Heath-guarding the bathrooms at the back of the plane!

Pat and Foster enjoying our Limo to the Mission Center beter know as the back of the truck!

Easter Sunday April 4th   We visited Bethel in the morning for worship and enjoyed hanging out for the day with our friends.  We are having a blast and enjoying loving on and being loved by our friends in Nica.  For evening worship we traveled to Trojilo where Vista de Montana (Mountain View….Jr) is found.  We had a wonderful evening and Foster (Pastor for Senior Adults at Mtn. View) provided a great message for the church.   

Kitty Lou and Pat visiting in Bethel


Visitng our friends

Reunited with old friends. Lori and Eveyling

Moutain View Church-Trojilo Nicaragua

Caeden enjoying himself!!

Monday April 5th- A great day to travel to a remote village and give some special children gift bags.  Thanks to the many people here in the Asheville area we were able to distribute about 150 gift bags. 

Organizing the gift bags


Caeden helping!

We traveled to the new village of Versailles.  Several miles up a crazy road to find this great little village at the base of the volcano.

Out to push!!

Richard and Jamie Padgett


A great gift!!!


Baloons and gift bags=feliz ninos

Arriving back at the Mission Center the team was met by the container which just arrived from Asheville!  Praise God!

Everyone helping to unload the things that were collected in and around Asheville and sent to Nica!


….and a great way to end a great day, packing rice and beans for some wonderful families!!! 

10 lbs of rice and 10lbs of beans for 100 families!


Everyone pitching in!!


Tuesday April 5th-A great day to start off with devotions, beutiful morning in Nica and a great day to have Baptisms.

Hanging on the back of the truck!

Pastor Porfirio giving the word.

Pastor Foster

 …. and to give out food in Chunco!

Lori giving out a bag of Rice and Beans

Food for the hungry!

Stencil, Foster and Daren helping with the food


Best of all....the smiling faces on the children!!!

Wednesday April 6th-Devotions at 7:30, preparing for VBS and heading to Trojilo for to enjoy the children.

VBS here we come!

The children starting with some praise!


Stencil doing crafts with the children!

Nick and Kiity Lou on games!

Foster and Caeden with the Resurrection Eggs

Richard and Jamie with the Easter Story

 Thursday April 7th-Team time in the morning, heading to Chichigalpa to a special needs school.  What an awesome time with the kids.

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