Nicaragua Mission Team Returns!

September 15, 2009

What an incredible time of ministry we had in Nicarauga!!!!!!!


Last week started off with a blast. We landed in Managua Monday afternoon, and proceeded North to El Projecto. Our mission team consisted of Kevin Bennett, Daren Pinkerton, Kevin Horrell, Debra Queen, Roger Queen, Paul LaRocque, and Nick Favrote.


Tuesday morning, I began teaching a seminary course in ecclesiology “Planning Church Work”. Another part of our team went out to Trohilo to work with the villagers in beginning construction of the school. God enabled us to complete the following:


1.  Seminary Course completed – 8 students out of 8 passed the course.


2. Completed approximately 40% of construction of the exterior walls of the school in Trohilo – 6 courses of blocks and rebar for the support columns.


3. Paul Laroque (Physician’s Assistant) and Dr. Michael conducted a medical clinic in Trohilo where 126 patients were seen and treated.


4. Held a youth meeting night where over 120 youth attended – several salvations!


5. Debra Queen led a women’s ministry seminar where more than 120 women attended.


6. Baptized 7 new believers in the ocean at Poneloya.


7. Saw 11 people come to faith in Jesus on Sunday morning during the worship service.


8. Ordained Porfirio Gonzales, the pastor of Vista a la Montana Junior.


9. Distributed rice and beans to 120 unchurched families.


10. Experienced an Iguana hunting trip in the mangroves of the Pacific coast and took two black iguanas.

As well as many other things that are too numerous to mention… This was a wonderful mission trip. Not only did our Lord allow us to minister His healing love and grace, but the return ministry was at times overwhelming. 


Pastor Kevin Bennett


Sunday, June 21 In Country Team Report

Yesterday, we went to the Chinandega dump, where many people live.  The poverty is worse than I have ever seen.  The church “building” was a shelter made of limbs with a cardboard back wall, and no others.  Lauren and Pastor Tommy did the “bridge” illustration for a gospel presentation.  Michelle did a beautiful interpretive movement to the spanish version of “Word of God Speak”.  We gave out the wordless book bracelets with explanations, and showed the last part of the Jesus Film.   The voltage was too low in this area for the projector to work, so we had to show it on the laptop screen.

Today we went to a village called Mocaron, where Pastor Tommy married 3 couples.  We then distributed children´s gifts.   It poured the rain very, very hard, and we had to leave, so we got soaked to the bone on the way home.  Tonight, church in Bethel was without power, so we had church by candlelight.

Friday, June 19

This has been a challenging day for the team.  Our big truck broke down yesterday (starter problems) and we had to send a man to Managua to buy a part on the black market!   Most of the team went ahead to Mocaron to distribute Children´s gifts, food, and shoes.  They were blessed greatly, although it poured down rain and soaked the team to the bone.  Doug stayed behind for project meetings and generator monitoring (we have been out of power for 2 days, but it just came back on tonight – hooray!)

Thanks for your prayers.  We really need them with the opposition we are experiencing.  We had to postpone our youth night event to Monday.  Thanks again for your support and prayers.  God bless you.

Vision Nicaragua June Team

First day in Nicaragua for the June Team!

We flew into Managua on Monday evening, and drove up to the Mission House.  We got in about midnight, and got to bed around 1 am.  Lauren, our team leader, gave us some grace for a late breakfast.  Hooray for more sleep!

This morning we sorted thousands of shoes, and then after lunch we went to the village of Bethel.  Pastor Tommy and his son Nathan went to the market with Mario to purchase 7 tons of rice and beans for distribution.  We have a lot of things to distribute this week!!!

Check out the photos. 

Thanks for your prayers and support of the team.

For the June Team,  Doug

June 15-25 Trip Leaving NOW!!!!

We are leaving Monday morning for Nicaragua!   Our team of thirteen will be riding via bus to the Charlotte airport early Monday morning.  We will then catch a flight to Miami, and then on to Managua, and drive 3 hours up the West coast of Nicaragua to our Mission House near Chinandega.  We will be gone for 10 days, and will return on June 25. 

We will continue our work in the village of Bethel and the handful of outlying villages like Chonco and Mocaron.   The Dump will be a new ministry adventure for us, as we will be showing the “Jesus Film” there.  We will also be giving out shoes, food, and children’s gift bags, and hosting a “youth event” at our Mission House.  

Please pray that God would use us in the lives of the people, and that He would also impact us as well.  Thanks also for remembering us for safety as we travel around.  We have many first-timers with us, so I am going with great anticipation to see what God is going to do! 

Thanks, and God bless you!   Gracias, y Dios le bendiga!

 Doug Van Wirt

Vision Nicaragua


p.s. you can now look up Vision Nicaragua on the web to see videos on YouTube!

Back in the States

I am back in the States!  I arrived last night in Birmingham, Alabama where my wife Sharon is visiting her mom.

The trip was a grand success in many ways; I got many of the photos taken for the kids needing sponsorship, and spent time in the village and at the project with many people.

About 10 minutes ago, I made my very first phone call to Mario in Nicaragua.  In the past, it has always been email, as I have had the help of the computer to translate my English into Spanish.  Anyway, I just called Mario to find out about my friend Martin, who is dying of the kidney disorder from the pesticides.  He is still alive; about the same as he was yesterday.  Amazing.  But he is a young man in his 30s and very strong.  I left money with our highly trusted friend and helper Mario for Martin’s funeral expenses.

I will send a full report in the next few days.  Thank you for praying.

Last day in Nicaragua


I look forward to coming home, but am sad to leave at the same time.  I have been here without an interpreter, and have done fine, although I understand less than half of what my friends here say.

Martin Matamoro rallied last night in the cool of the night, and is sitting in his house.  But he is unable to drink, and has not for the last day.  Today will be very hot, and will be a critical impact on the body.  Doctor Michael was surprised that he lived through the night, as he had many convulsions and was dillusional.  Thank you for your prayers, as he is not going through the agony that others have had in the past.   Vision Nicaragua will help the family with the funeral expenses, as they are unable.   I cried last night as I saw Martin´s 12 year old son embrace him in tears, knowing that he is dying.  It is very hard for a young family. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.  I will be back in Birmingham with my wife Sharon late tomorrow night, and then drive back to Asheville on Sunday.

God bless you all.

Doug Van Wirt

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