Buy a Block Fundraiser

IMG_6397Read’s Journey Continues

We have come to a new phase of our journey. We feel God is leading us (especially Marty) to spend more time in Nicaragua. Marty has officially left her full time job to focus her time and energy on admin work for Vision Nicaragua and to spend more time in country with Ron, the staff and teams.

In order to do this, we need your help—prayerfully as we walk through this transition, and financially. There are two areas where we need increased financial support:

1. Moving costs.

We plan to build and furnish a 2 bedroom/2 bath housing unit on the Vision Nicaragua Project for us to stay in. The housing unit could later be used for future missionaries, interns and small teams. Additionally we will need to purchase a used vehicle to get from town to town and village to village. The estimated total cost is about $60,000.

2. Increased monthly donations.

We have not had a push for this since we began in 2009, thanks to many of the faithful that started with us. With some donations decreasing, cost of living increasing, and Marty resigning from her job, you can see the need for additional funds. The funds will be used for healthcare as well as additional travel expenses for Marty. An additional $1,000/month should cover these costs.

We plan to write the name of everyone who donates on this house!



This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.