Medical Ministry


Medical Grant to Provide more Clinics in Remote Villages

Every now and then you just need to hear some good news, right? We think so too!

This past week we received GREAT news from Common Ground Church in Indiana that we were choosen for a $2,000 medical grant that will allow us to provide more medical clinics in remote villages!! That’s worth sharing!

Our medical outreach opportunities have grown within the last year and this will help expand our ability to serve even more! Basic medical care isn’t readily available to the families that we serve in our outreach villages, so holding clinics allow us to be able to go where the people are! A little modern day spin on Mark 2 if you will.

I’m sure you all remember the story of the young man who was paralyzed and his friends wanted to take him to see Jesus so he could be healed. Although there was a crowd that surrounded Jesus that didn’t stop them. They made an opening in the roof and lowered their friend to see Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man “Son, your sins are forgiven” (vs.5) Jesus not only forgave this man of his sins, but also healed his physical aliment. He told him “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” (vs. 11) The physical condition of their friend was what brought them to Jesus but they left with much more than they came for.

The Lord has allowed these medical clinics to “open the roof” of opportunities to minister to not just the physical needs but spiritual needs of the patients we’ve seen. From sharing the Gospel, praying, holding a sick baby, or simply taking the time to make conversation with an elderly woman who needs someone to listen. He uses it all. And he uses them to bring about hope and express His love for his children.

We are so grateful for the heart and leadership of our in-country doctor and nurse, Dr. Michael and Conny. Dr. Michael helps us find the communities that are in the greatest need and his heart is for seeing people come to know the great physician. He never leaves a patient without first pointing them to the one who is able to bring wholeness!

Anyone who knows Conny knows that she is a gift. Her contagious love for people is such a reflection of Christ. She loves people deeply and treats every patient as if they were her own family. Not to mention she brings an incredible amount of joy and laughter wherever she goes.

We are truly blessed as an organization to have the privilege of serving alongside people like Dr. Michael and Conny. But, we are also blessed by each of you. Supporters who believe in what God is doing in Nicaragua and want to be a part of it!

So, to the Common Ground community and to each of you who faithfully link arms with us in serving in Nicaragua, thank you!

And take the time today to share the good news about what God is doing in Nicaragua! It’s worth sharing!

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