Summer Teams 2015

Young Life US —- Meets NICARAGUA!!


Day 4: Indianapolis Team

After an eventful night, what better way to start day four than with adventure.
After breakfast the majority of the group headed to the market to purchase a variety of things. Most importantly our iguana that we would enjoy for Dinner. (Bar-B-Q wing style). About 5 of us headed back to a village we were at earlier in the week to finished making doors for people and having Zac cut hair.
This consumed most of our morning, so we reconvened at lunch then started working on planning a Young Life club here at the mission house. We planned out games, music, we had a skit, a raffle, a club talk and it all ended with a piñata!



 40 kids from Bethel, a village we visited earlier in the week came around 3:30 and had their first ever Young Life club experience. And we think it was a magical one.



The young life leaders on this trip we in awe of the way we were able to have a relationship with these kids without much conversation, laughter was our communication- and there was plenty of that!!!


The night ended with us eating iguana and sharing how God is transforming our hearts.
We love and miss you all. Thank you for your prayers.
God bless!!

Eye-Opening Joy!


Day 3: Indianapolis Team

This morning we drove out to a village that had no water or electricity and conducted a clinic in the village. The village is made up of around 35 families and has been around for 30 years. Each week a large tanker truck brings in water and the people fill up whatever containers they have until the water is empty.







As the nursing students and and Vision Nicaragua’s doctor, Michael were conducting the clinic the rest of us played with their children, handed out rice and beans and Zachary, gave hair cuts to 7 of the women.



It was truly an eye opening yet joyful experience, these people were very happy, vibrant people.

Once we returned we spent the afternoon working on things around the project. We finished bagging rice and beans, which we will distribute to random people on the side of the road as we are driving today.




We had an early dinner, then headed to Leon where we joined some college people and had a Vida Joven club!! (Aka Young Life). The leaders were made up of local university student and they invited their fellow students to join!


Collectively we had a blast!!!!!!!!! We played games, danced and watched hilarious skits, one of which Leah and Carly put on- called light and fluffy. Then one of the Nicaraguan YL Leaders share a message to close our time.

It was a beautiful experience to work alongside them for this club, and I think the young life leaders on this trip are excited to play the games we played there, at our own clubs at home.

So many firsts happened for us today & we are all feeling blessed! We are excited for what the rest of the week has in store.


Thank you for your continued prayers!

What do balloon animals and beans & rice have in common?


Day 2: Indianapolis Team

The team was well rested, as most of us went to sleep at 8:30 last night.

     Today the clinic on the project was open for the first time since we have been here, so a couple of nursing students that on our team were able to help out.
The rest of us started our day by building doors for some of the widows homes. A couple people from the group helped with this and then the rest of the group headed to the village school to play with the school children.


   We made balloon animals and face painted. We also were able to take a Polaroid camera and take pictures of the various classes. They LOVED it!

    Later in the afternoon we headed to another village for a women’s bible study. We sang songs and talked to the women and children about the Lord. Then we were able to play with the children, which involved once again face painting and balloon animals.



  Then we were granted with a surprise trip to the beach!! (It’s about a 40 minute drive from the Mission Center) We all enjoyed a very salty dip in the pacific and even more, we enjoyed cooling off after a hot day.

We finished the evening bagging beans and rice, which we will distribute tomorrow morning!


We are all so thankful for your prayers and continuous support.
More to come soon!

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