April-Team Spends Easter Week in Nicaragua


Saturday April 3rd What a glorious way to spend our Easter Holiday’s and spring break!!    Our team of 15 persons from Mountain View Church are enjoying our time.  We left early Saturday morning, traveled in style to Atlanta, then hopped the plane to Nicaragua.  We arrived in Managua Saturday evening and hit the ground running. 

April Team

Richard and Heath-guarding the bathrooms at the back of the plane!

Pat and Foster enjoying our Limo to the Mission Center beter know as the back of the truck!

Easter Sunday April 4th   We visited Bethel in the morning for worship and enjoyed hanging out for the day with our friends.  We are having a blast and enjoying loving on and being loved by our friends in Nica.  For evening worship we traveled to Trojilo where Vista de Montana (Mountain View….Jr) is found.  We had a wonderful evening and Foster (Pastor for Senior Adults at Mtn. View) provided a great message for the church.   

Kitty Lou and Pat visiting in Bethel


Visitng our friends

Reunited with old friends. Lori and Eveyling

Moutain View Church-Trojilo Nicaragua

Caeden enjoying himself!!

Monday April 5th- A great day to travel to a remote village and give some special children gift bags.  Thanks to the many people here in the Asheville area we were able to distribute about 150 gift bags. 

Organizing the gift bags


Caeden helping!

We traveled to the new village of Versailles.  Several miles up a crazy road to find this great little village at the base of the volcano.

Out to push!!

Richard and Jamie Padgett


A great gift!!!


Baloons and gift bags=feliz ninos

Arriving back at the Mission Center the team was met by the container which just arrived from Asheville!  Praise God!

Everyone helping to unload the things that were collected in and around Asheville and sent to Nica!


….and a great way to end a great day, packing rice and beans for some wonderful families!!! 

10 lbs of rice and 10lbs of beans for 100 families!


Everyone pitching in!!


Tuesday April 5th-A great day to start off with devotions, beutiful morning in Nica and a great day to have Baptisms.

Hanging on the back of the truck!

Pastor Porfirio giving the word.

Pastor Foster

 …. and to give out food in Chunco!

Lori giving out a bag of Rice and Beans

Food for the hungry!

Stencil, Foster and Daren helping with the food


Best of all....the smiling faces on the children!!!

Wednesday April 6th-Devotions at 7:30, preparing for VBS and heading to Trojilo for to enjoy the children.

VBS here we come!

The children starting with some praise!


Stencil doing crafts with the children!

Nick and Kiity Lou on games!

Foster and Caeden with the Resurrection Eggs

Richard and Jamie with the Easter Story

 Thursday April 7th-Team time in the morning, heading to Chichigalpa to a special needs school.  What an awesome time with the kids.

Ray and Cathe’s Adventure in Nicaragua continues Wednesday

Wednesday- our 6th day is coming to an end and we have had a lower keyed day just checking out projects, taking pictures, and meeting with everyone to make plans for the future. It is a bitter sweet day as we wind down our trip to start getting ready to head back home. We were part of a medical clinic today and got to see some of our friends from Bethel who have babies now. We were able to give out vitamins that a friend from Hendersonville bought.
and tonight we are going to visit with Dr Michael and his family along with Conny and Darwin. This is always so important to us having this personal time. stay tuned for day 7.

Ray and Cathe,s February Nicaraqua Adventure

Thursday February 18th started our trip to Nicaragua. This is Ray and my first trip alone. We had an uneventful trip arrived in Managua about 1:15pm. We moved along through customs and picked up luggage and then we got stopped because of the computer we had purchased for the clinic. They wanted to tax us but after we got Enrique to explain it was for our medical clinic they let us go. We were then welcomed by Enrique and off to rent a car. We headed to Leon and we must say it is so nice to be back here again. We decided since Ray and I were so tired we would get a room in Leon the first night. We went to Enrique’s home that evening and visited with the family little Enrique had just turned 2 years old and was a little shy at first but quickly warmed up. We picked up Idiana and went to visit Enrique’s mom and brother, enjoyed a meal out with Enrique and his family. I was so tired I almost fell asleep eating dinner, we than found a nice B & B and slept in air conditioning with warm water shower and got a good nights sleep.

Friday- had a wonderful fruit meal and enjoyed a cool breeze waiting for Enrique to come. After checking out some prices for supplies. Then off to the mission center. Met with Michael and took a look at the changes in the clinic, every trip they have rearranged it. We then started hooking up the computer and the magic jack and made our first calls back to home to let everyone know we were here. Went to Chinandega and found a desk for the computer in the clinic, and some supplies that Michael had needed for his church classes. and a water hose for Connie to water the plants at the clinic. We were able to go and visit our grandson Kevin at school and bring him home. It was wonderful to see him again. We completed the days work at the clinic logged out and headed to Leon to pick up Idiana and little Enrique to start our vacation. Stopped at “hot springs”(San Jacinto) actually are from the volcano, you can get clay and mud that is suspose to be healing. Arrived in Estelí about 7pm and found a motel and a place to eat.

Saturday morning up early and ready to see more of Nicaragua. We found nice breakfast place and then headed to the Estelí waterfalls at a natural reserve. It was a long 15 min downhill walk but so worth it. Even though the water is scarce right now due to the dry season it was beautiful. We stopped and saw a group planting potatoes and let Little Enrique had watch and hold a potato plant. Next we visited La Casita a garden with some beautiful plants and flowers. We then headed to Matagalpa to spend the rest of our time. Found a nice place to stay and restaurant where we had a wonderful buffet, trying a variety of foods. We took Little Enrique had to the park and watched the people and enjoyed the cool weather. We then went to a location we could overlook the city and watch a sunset. Wow this was great. Back to the room where we sent email to family and friends watched a movie Little Enrique had and gave Enrique and Idiana some quiet time.

Sunday we were up at 6 to sit on the balcony and enjoy the cool morning watch the fog burn off the mountains. What a great way to rest. Had our devotions and just sat and watched people. We went looking for breakfast and found a street vendor with fresh fruit; papaya, bananas, watermelon and I ate until I was full. Then found a café for breakfast. Back to the hotel and packed up and headed to Selva Negra to spend the day. This is a natural preserve built by the Germans. It has a motel, coffee plantation, plants and birds of all types and a variety of animals. We toured the grounds and played in the playground and then did a 2 hr hike up the mountain. It was a great hike and really enjoyed just being in the cool mountains. (I think we have decided where we want to retire). We looked for monkeys but only heard them. But it was truly a workout. Went back the restaurant and had a hamburger and fries, while resting from the hike. Sadly we packed up and headed back to Leon. I must recommend to anyone that would like to take a vacation and just enjoy some scenery and really rest this is the place for sure. Returned to the project and got a good nights sleep to get to work on Monday.

Monday- up and fixed breakfast and had a quiet devotion time. Then the people started coming. Continued setting up the computer. Took a young boy 10 yrs old that has been having seizures for a CT scan in Leon. It is always nice to take people out to eat and watch them enjoy a different meal than they usually have at home. Back to the clinic and worked on some projects with Michael and Enrique. Then out for an evening with Mario, Reyna and Herberto. We went to Corinto beach and played in the water and sand with Herberto. He is definitely going to be a ball player. We played until the sun set then we went and had some great fish. Ray ate shrimp that I really think were lobster they were huge and tasted like lobster. We always enjoy going out with Mario and Reyna it is interesting how we manage to communicate. Back home and another nights sleep.

Tuesday slept a little hoping to go to Connie’s for the night. Ray and I spent a lazy morning working on projects in the clinic and talking and checking up on family. At 11am we took the Gomez family to buy plate and screws so Senoria could have hip surgery for her hip she broke 9 days ago and now it is going to be Friday before they will do the surgery. Took Roberto the head of the block company to get glasses also and so we felt like we had gotten something accomplished. We were able to go and visit Senoria Gomez and pray with her and the family and all the other pts and families in the ward of about 8 or 10 pts. They are all so precious and serious when they pray it is such a wonderful feeling to be part of this.



Nicaragua Mission Team Returns!

September 15, 2009

What an incredible time of ministry we had in Nicarauga!!!!!!!


Last week started off with a blast. We landed in Managua Monday afternoon, and proceeded North to El Projecto. Our mission team consisted of Kevin Bennett, Daren Pinkerton, Kevin Horrell, Debra Queen, Roger Queen, Paul LaRocque, and Nick Favrote.


Tuesday morning, I began teaching a seminary course in ecclesiology “Planning Church Work”. Another part of our team went out to Trohilo to work with the villagers in beginning construction of the school. God enabled us to complete the following:


1.  Seminary Course completed – 8 students out of 8 passed the course.


2. Completed approximately 40% of construction of the exterior walls of the school in Trohilo – 6 courses of blocks and rebar for the support columns.


3. Paul Laroque (Physician’s Assistant) and Dr. Michael conducted a medical clinic in Trohilo where 126 patients were seen and treated.


4. Held a youth meeting night where over 120 youth attended – several salvations!


5. Debra Queen led a women’s ministry seminar where more than 120 women attended.


6. Baptized 7 new believers in the ocean at Poneloya.


7. Saw 11 people come to faith in Jesus on Sunday morning during the worship service.


8. Ordained Porfirio Gonzales, the pastor of Vista a la Montana Junior.


9. Distributed rice and beans to 120 unchurched families.


10. Experienced an Iguana hunting trip in the mangroves of the Pacific coast and took two black iguanas.

As well as many other things that are too numerous to mention… This was a wonderful mission trip. Not only did our Lord allow us to minister His healing love and grace, but the return ministry was at times overwhelming. 


Pastor Kevin Bennett


Sunday, June 21 In Country Team Report

Yesterday, we went to the Chinandega dump, where many people live.  The poverty is worse than I have ever seen.  The church “building” was a shelter made of limbs with a cardboard back wall, and no others.  Lauren and Pastor Tommy did the “bridge” illustration for a gospel presentation.  Michelle did a beautiful interpretive movement to the spanish version of “Word of God Speak”.  We gave out the wordless book bracelets with explanations, and showed the last part of the Jesus Film.   The voltage was too low in this area for the projector to work, so we had to show it on the laptop screen.

Today we went to a village called Mocaron, where Pastor Tommy married 3 couples.  We then distributed children´s gifts.   It poured the rain very, very hard, and we had to leave, so we got soaked to the bone on the way home.  Tonight, church in Bethel was without power, so we had church by candlelight.

Friday, June 19

This has been a challenging day for the team.  Our big truck broke down yesterday (starter problems) and we had to send a man to Managua to buy a part on the black market!   Most of the team went ahead to Mocaron to distribute Children´s gifts, food, and shoes.  They were blessed greatly, although it poured down rain and soaked the team to the bone.  Doug stayed behind for project meetings and generator monitoring (we have been out of power for 2 days, but it just came back on tonight – hooray!)

Thanks for your prayers.  We really need them with the opposition we are experiencing.  We had to postpone our youth night event to Monday.  Thanks again for your support and prayers.  God bless you.

Vision Nicaragua June Team

First day in Nicaragua for the June Team!

We flew into Managua on Monday evening, and drove up to the Mission House.  We got in about midnight, and got to bed around 1 am.  Lauren, our team leader, gave us some grace for a late breakfast.  Hooray for more sleep!

This morning we sorted thousands of shoes, and then after lunch we went to the village of Bethel.  Pastor Tommy and his son Nathan went to the market with Mario to purchase 7 tons of rice and beans for distribution.  We have a lot of things to distribute this week!!!

Check out the photos. 

Thanks for your prayers and support of the team.

For the June Team,  Doug


This morning, Sharon and I are driving to Birmingham.  Sharon will visit with her mother while I am in Nicaragua.  I fly out of Birmingham Sunday morning to Managua!

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