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Hola! Today’s focus was giving back to the staff that has given so much to us this week. We started our day traveling to Leon to work on Estela’s (one of our cooks) new home.

Once there, we installed electrical wiring so she and her daughter could have outlets and lights. Despite the smoldering heat, everyone was in good spirits because we could see how much joy this brought to Estela. We have gotten to know Estela at every meal throughout the week, so today felt as though we were merely helping a family member.

Estela's House (before remodeling)

For more on Estela’s house remodeling story check out “Tear Down the Walls & Raise the Roof.” A story from from World Racer Dan Matundan.

The theme of family continued back at the project where we celebrated our staff. We did this by giving each of them a bag of beans and rice. But, in Nicaragua a fiesta is never complete without a piñata and some dancing. The staff transformed into children, as they wore a bandana and swung at the piñata with all their might. They wrestled for pieces of fallen candy and buckled over from laughing. Now, we know where the kids get it from! It was a reminder that, as Americans, we sometimes take life way too seriously, but God calls us to have the spirit of a child. Mark 10:15 states,

“I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

As we prepare to leave the project tomorrow and begin our journey back to the States, we reflect on the relationships built within our group and with the people of Nicaragua. We feel truly blessed to have seen the world from a new angle and realize how big the family of God is.

Some of the Vision Nicaragua Staff and I

—Derek Voiles

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