love loud.

Join us this Christmas by giving a gift with lasting value. Vision Nicaragua is launching our Christmas giving initiative entitled “love loud” and we want you to be a part of it!

One of the biggest aspects of our ministry is through our sponsorship program. From when VN started, almost 15 years ago our main focus has always been people. It’s the relationships that we build with the families that we serve that is the heartbeat of what we do! This Christmas you can honor a friend of family member by supporting our friends in Nicaragua.

We have 3 different areas of our sponsorship program:

1) Men affected by Chronic Kidney Disease: The main source of employment in Western Nicaragua is working in the local sugar cane plantation. The  harmful chemicals used in the cane fields ultimately take the lives of the workers due to chronic kidney disease. Once they become too sick to work they are let go of their jobs with little to no compensation. Your sponsorship helps provide medical care  for these men as well as helping them provide for their families.

Check out this short video and blog of Coris who was sponsored through our program:

Coris’s Story (Video)

Coris’s Story (Blog)

You can also read the story of Ernesto who lives in Bethel and is sponsored through VN. Ernesto’s Story

Ernesto and his family

Sick Men Monthly sponsorship: $25/month

2) Student Sponsorship: By sponsoring a student’s education you are providing more than you may think. Through education you are enabling these young people to break the cycle of poverty of working in the local sugar cane plantation. Education=future!

Josue with his sponsor Kevin Horrell

Student Monthly sponsorship: High School $10/month and College/Trade School sponsorship $20/month.

3) Widow Sponsorship: Once the men who are affected by chronic kidney disease pass away their wives are left with the responsibility of taking care of their families. Through your sponsorship you are helping ease that burden of providing food and basic necessities for their families.

Haydee Maldonado

Widow Monthly sponsorship: $25/month

Check out Juana’s Story, one of our widow’s who is sponsored through the widow sponsorship program.

Juana’s Story

Our prayer is that as you’re reading this post today that your heart is touched in one of these different areas that you can make a difference! It’s our joy to be able to be the voice of this community and help bring to life their lives and the ways that we can be Christ to them!

Please check out our sponsorship page and/or email us at for more information.

love loud this Christmas!

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