Nicaragua Mission Team Returns!

September 15, 2009

What an incredible time of ministry we had in Nicarauga!!!!!!!


Last week started off with a blast. We landed in Managua Monday afternoon, and proceeded North to El Projecto. Our mission team consisted of Kevin Bennett, Daren Pinkerton, Kevin Horrell, Debra Queen, Roger Queen, Paul LaRocque, and Nick Favrote.


Tuesday morning, I began teaching a seminary course in ecclesiology “Planning Church Work”. Another part of our team went out to Trohilo to work with the villagers in beginning construction of the school. God enabled us to complete the following:


1.  Seminary Course completed – 8 students out of 8 passed the course.


2. Completed approximately 40% of construction of the exterior walls of the school in Trohilo – 6 courses of blocks and rebar for the support columns.


3. Paul Laroque (Physician’s Assistant) and Dr. Michael conducted a medical clinic in Trohilo where 126 patients were seen and treated.


4. Held a youth meeting night where over 120 youth attended – several salvations!


5. Debra Queen led a women’s ministry seminar where more than 120 women attended.


6. Baptized 7 new believers in the ocean at Poneloya.


7. Saw 11 people come to faith in Jesus on Sunday morning during the worship service.


8. Ordained Porfirio Gonzales, the pastor of Vista a la Montana Junior.


9. Distributed rice and beans to 120 unchurched families.


10. Experienced an Iguana hunting trip in the mangroves of the Pacific coast and took two black iguanas.

As well as many other things that are too numerous to mention… This was a wonderful mission trip. Not only did our Lord allow us to minister His healing love and grace, but the return ministry was at times overwhelming. 


Pastor Kevin Bennett


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