Now We’re Family



Once again, another adventurous day with the team! Our morning started early, as we trekked to Cerro Negro- a volcano outside of Leon.
On the way there we handed out rice and beans to people on the side of the road as well as houses we passed.
Once we arrived at Cerron Negro, up we went. It took our team about an hour and a half to hike up the volcano. Once on top we were overwhelmed with the beautiful views, tons of moths and the heat of the volcano. We then began out descent down the side of the volcano on the slides. Some slower than others.
( just a little side note, if you wanna hear a funny story that happened once we were all down the hill please ask, it has provided us with A LOT of laughs tonight!)
We got cleaned up at the base camp, then preceded to Leon to experience some history. We first enjoyed some pizza along with ice cold Coke and Fresca- who knew people could get so excited about beverages but we do!!


Then Carlos, our translator walked us through the history or Nicaragua and Leon. We enjoyed a little shopping, a coffee shop and some delicious smoothies.
We then were able to go to the top of a cathedral in the middle of Leon and take pictures and walk around. Leon truly is a beautiful city filled with very friendly people.
Around 4 we headed back to the mission house where were we rested, told stories and laughed uncontrollably.
It’s amazing how a group of 12 people can truly feel like a family after only 6 days.
We all have fallen in love with Nicaragua and its people! The staff here has served us so well and we have always felt welcome. We are sad to leave the mission house tomorrow. But excited for the adventures we will have on our last day here.

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