rich in faith—common ground blog #2

This trip has been extrememly fulfilling already, and we’ve only been here a few days.  My favorite experiences have

been the times spent with the children.  Unexpectedly, after church on Sunday morning, we spent an hour or so doing

crafts with the kiddos from the community.  It was rewarding to see their smiling faces as they posed for pictures

and showed how proud they were of their newly-created crafts.

A second opportunity to hang out with kiddos happened during the soccer tournament.  One station was for

team-building, and we enjoyed activities like a trust circle, a teamwork ladder, and the human knot.  Giving

directions to them was challenging due to a limited Spanish vocabulary, but they all caught on fairly quickly.  God

was certainly calling us to have patience through this experience when the kids weren’t working together as a team.

Thankfully by the end of it, though, they were really able to trust each other through a bit of practice!

Soccer Camp Kids

Lastly, we spent an afternoon in a village called Ensayo.  Ron and Marty began and have continued a relationship

with the people of the community, and the rest of the group was excited to jump in with support and love.  We

crafted balloon animals, blew bubbles, flew paper airplanes, enjoyed a pinata, and handed out beans and rice to the

families.  James tells us in 2:5 that “God chose the poor people of this world to be rich in faith and to possess

the kingdom which he promised to those who love him.”  This verse seems very fitting for our friends in

Ensayo because their love for the Lord shined through their dusty feet and tattered clothing.

El Ensayo

Also, we’ve been serving alongside a World Race Team while we’ve been here….check out the link to the video they put together while  we were in Ensayo. I think you’ll enjoy it!  Click Here to Watch

Words cannot begin to encompass everything that we are experiencing, but I hope that these few stories paint a

small picture of the beauty we have been able to enjoy.

Meg Perryman

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