Sunday, June 21 In Country Team Report

Yesterday, we went to the Chinandega dump, where many people live.  The poverty is worse than I have ever seen.  The church “building” was a shelter made of limbs with a cardboard back wall, and no others.  Lauren and Pastor Tommy did the “bridge” illustration for a gospel presentation.  Michelle did a beautiful interpretive movement to the spanish version of “Word of God Speak”.  We gave out the wordless book bracelets with explanations, and showed the last part of the Jesus Film.   The voltage was too low in this area for the projector to work, so we had to show it on the laptop screen.

Today we went to a village called Mocaron, where Pastor Tommy married 3 couples.  We then distributed children´s gifts.   It poured the rain very, very hard, and we had to leave, so we got soaked to the bone on the way home.  Tonight, church in Bethel was without power, so we had church by candlelight.

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