The Read’s Journey

Would God really take an older couple who doesn’t speak much Spanish, with little money, and move them to Latin America?

IMG_6397This will give you a little background on our story:

In 2008, Ron, with the help of some Godly men in his life, realized that God was asking more from him than being a manufacturing engineer. God had been grooming him for the next season. Ron did a lot of international travel for work in Europe, Asia and Canada. He also started his own business which didn’t work out and led to a great financial loss. One day a friend asked Ron to contemplate what it would like to help men in developing countries learn business skills and management?” Ron didn’t know what that looked like, being an engineer, but started praying about it. Knocking on doors of mission organizations not limiting the search to any country. After exploring possibilities in Africa and Asia, Ron and Marty were introduced to Vision Nicaragua by a friend in Asheville, NC. Two week later (January 2009), he was on a plane to Nicaragua to meet Nicaraguans, wait for a couple of American Vision Nicaragua board members he had never met to arrive two hours later. Already off on his grand adventure, Ron then climbed in the back of a truck and rode three hours in the dark to the Vision Nicaragua project. By the way, Ron did not speak any Spanish! The next morning he got up, walked around the project to pray and absolutely knew that was where God wanted him. So, he went home and told Marty they were going to raise funds and go to Nicaragua.

Marty has been working full time since then to “support his habit”! She recently felt like God was leading her to quit her job. But…she says…we will not have healthcare or income. Finally feeling like this was truly what needed to be done, she let go.

More about Vision Nicaragua

Vision Nicaragua (VN) began when a group went down for Hurricane Mitch relief in the late 90’s. They fell in love with the people and as they built the village of Bethel. As the volunteers used the lottery system to decide which family would get the next house to be built, they discovered many of the men/fathers had Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and they would not live to see their house completed. We believe this disease is due to the insecticide used on the sugar cane fields for worms. This was outlawed in the US in the 70’s. Working in the plantations is about the only source of income in the immediate area. The village had approximately 150 homes built. They now have some new land and the village has expanded. This village has its own church and a private Christian school. Vision Nicaragua has a sponsorship program for secondary and college students, sick men and widows.

VN now has a full time Doctor, Pastor and around 18 other Nicaraguan employees serving as guards, maintenance, gardener, cooks, cleaning and a project manager. The approximately 3 acre project has a mission center with a main room and 2 dorms. There is a clinic and a café on this land. It is used for Nicaraguan and American groups. Dr. Michael and Cony are the staff for the clinic. This clinic sees these sick men and offers free health care to all. Dr. Michael also goes into villages as funds allow. Pastor Antonio and his team minister to many villages in the area as well delivering a holistic approach to ministry.

What’s next?

So, here we are! The next phase. Currently, Ron (and Marty now) have a room in the mission house to stay in until the funds are raised for the housing unit. This room serves as an office as well for Ron. We do feel that it is good to live on the property due to Ron’s responsibilities as the operations manager. Mario, the project manager, and his family live on the project as well.

The housing unit will be a 2 bedroom/2 bath house. It will have a full kitchen/gathering room. Of course there will be a porch for hammocks! It will need a separate septic dug for it. There is already a well for the project. The project has power and a generator if the power goes out. There is a microwave tower for wifi. The project is walled and has guards 24/7.

Marty is anxious to see what involvement God has for her. She will begin by helping with the Trips and Travel. She is really looking forward to deepening the current relationships as well as new relationships with the women.

We will also be doing language training.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Below is our contact info.

Be sure to watch “the Reads Journey” Facebook page, our personal fb pages and the VN website to contribute and see the progress.

We want to thank you for your support through prayers, encouragement and financially. The Project is growing and we are seeing more American and Nicaraguan teams using the facility and the programs (such as sponsorship) that Vision Nicaragua offers. We thank God for the confirmation to move in the direction He has chosen for us.


You are loved,

Marty Read
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Carmel, IN  46032

Ron Read
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The Read’s Journey


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