this has certainly been a week.

With everything that has happened in Boston, in Texas, and in our little community in Nicaragua, I think everyone is ready for a little bit of a reprieve.

We received news a week and a half ago that one of our friends in Bethel, Roberto, had been struck from behind by a motorcycle while he was walking home. He died shortly after on his way to hospital. Roberto’s wife and two daughters have been dealing with the shock of this tragic accident and are trying to move forward one day at a time.

Then, earlier this week, bombings occurred in Boston at such a joyful event in one of the greatest cities in our nation. The ongoing investigation has ensued throughout the week with another tragedy adding to the weight of it all from West, Texas.

I can’t help but feel tired and just plain weary.

I’m tired of these types of situations happening that have seemingly become the norm.  I’m weary and heavy-hearted for my friends in Nicaragua and in Boston that have suffered through their own types pains in such a short time frame from each other.

However, at the same time, I am utterly confident and sure of the love, the power, and the grace of our strong Lord and Savior.

He is so precise in the care he takes with his children. He never – not even for a moment – forgets us. And in moments and situations like the ones we have been faced with this past week, His character and His promises are what we can always bank on.

What are the promises that God is reminding you of this week? What aspects of His character is He drawing you back to?

Carry these promises with you into the weekend and keep them close to your heart in the week to come. Write them down. Memorize them. In fact, “bind them on your fingers” and “write them on the tablet of your heart” (Proverbs 7:3).

I think God left us that note in Proverbs on purpose. Because He knows that when those verses and promises are etched in your heart that something happens and we are changed. We are reminded of who is in control and who our Savior is. And in moments when things don’t make sense and we can’t see the resolution in it all and how it will be used in the future, we can trust that the God of the bigger picture is closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). Our names are engraved in the palm of His hands (Isaiah 49:16) and He has collected every tear we have ever cried in a bottle (Psalm 56:8).

He does not forget His children, friends. And He is not taken by surprise. Rest in that.

Photo contribution: Isaiah 49:16

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