Tuesday in Nicaragua

Doug, here, from Nicaragua.  The mood in Bethel is a little bit somber as the knowledge that our friend Martin is dying.  He spent a second day in the hospital, but the doctors said there is nothing else they can do.  His creatin level has raised to 38, and he has only a few days left.  Martin is going home to die.   Many of the Vision Nicaragua people here at the project land are friends with Martin, and are spending much time helping with the family.  It is good to see God at work in difficult times.  Doctor Michael leading in prayer.  Seferino helping Martin´s mother.  Juan Carlos and Mario visiting much. 

This morning I took a ka-jillion photos of people at the school.  The school administrator Nicolasa and her helper Alba wrote the names of the kids on a mini white board, and they held it at waist height while I took their photos.  I also did many sick men and widows.  But I probably only got 60 percent done.  I will return in the morning.

We had a big lunch together at the project with all the project staff.  It was very well received.   While we were waiting for Seferino to return from helping the family, several of us washed (in the hot Nicaraguan sun) the right side of the front wall that says “BLOQUERA BETHEL” which advertises our concrete block enterprise.  It looks almost new!  When Seferino returned, we had a class on stewardship and bookkeeping, and did a practice session with pencil and ledger paper.  Not my cup of tea, but God gave me the grace to teach it, and they were very thankful.  This is the “Year of Accountability” for Vision Nicaragua.  We are raising the bar everywhere. 

It is hot here; I don´t know how hot – probably in the mid 90s.  I probably drank 3 gallons of water today.

In our meeting today I was thinking aloud with the group about why God chose me to help in this way?  It is amazing where I find myself.  May His name be praised!

More tomorrow…..   Doug

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