Young Life US —- Meets NICARAGUA!!


Day 4: Indianapolis Team

After an eventful night, what better way to start day four than with adventure.
After breakfast the majority of the group headed to the market to purchase a variety of things. Most importantly our iguana that we would enjoy for Dinner. (Bar-B-Q wing style). About 5 of us headed back to a village we were at earlier in the week to finished making doors for people and having Zac cut hair.
This consumed most of our morning, so we reconvened at lunch then started working on planning a Young Life club here at the mission house. We planned out games, music, we had a skit, a raffle, a club talk and it all ended with a piñata!



 40 kids from Bethel, a village we visited earlier in the week came around 3:30 and had their first ever Young Life club experience. And we think it was a magical one.



The young life leaders on this trip we in awe of the way we were able to have a relationship with these kids without much conversation, laughter was our communication- and there was plenty of that!!!


The night ended with us eating iguana and sharing how God is transforming our hearts.
We love and miss you all. Thank you for your prayers.
God bless!!

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